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Here are TOP FAQ's on Protandim® Tri-Synergizer™

Yes, if you purchase the Vitality Stack (packets/bottles), Activated Essentials, or the Ultimate Stack, you will receive free shipping. If you add additional products to your order when ordering these stacks, your entire order will ship for free.

Is Protandim NAD Synergizer tested?

Yes, we perform exhaustive testing to verify that all LifeVantage products meet or exceed quality standards. The Quality Control measures implemented by LifeVantage exceed industry standards. We rigorously test every lot of product for identity, potency, microbial contamination, pesticides and heavy metals, and physically audit manufacturing facilities and raw material suppliers.

Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer™, Protandim® NRF1 Synergizer™, Protandim® NAD Synergizer™

Helps the body detoxify genes, keeping the master blueprint of the cell’s function intact
Reduces oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days
Significantly reduces cellular stress through Nrf2 activation
Produces enzymes capable of neutralizing more than 1,000,000 free radicals
Helps to regulate survival genes
Supports the body’s natural ability to repair and rejuvenate its own cells

Improves performance through energy function
Enhances cellular health – cells function at peak performance
Increases cellular energy (ATP)

Supports healthy longevity
Supports autophagy (removal of cellular waste)
Improves mental focus and concentration
Supports positive mood and motivation
Boosts mental and physical energy
Supports the body’s healthy inflammatory response
Maintain cholesterol levels already in the healthy range
Supports a healthy vascular system

Protandim Nrf2 and NRF1 Synergizers work together to reduce oxidative stress and support mitochondria biogenesis and function. With the addition of NAD Synergizer, we can now target other biochemical pathways known to support healthy aging and increased health span.

Researchers and scientists agree that aging is the natural result of overall cellular deterioration. One major way this occurs is through exposure to free radicals, other oxidants, and toxicological insults. It is impossible to avoid these exposures because the food you eat, the air you breathe, our modern lifestyles, stress, and even exercise, but we can do certain things to maintain our health as we age. The human body naturally fights these insults by producing its own antioxidant and detoxification enzymes through Nrf2-dependent mechanisms. However, as we grow older, Nrf2 works less efficiently. That’s where Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer TM plays a critical role. It supports these Nrf2-dependent mechanisms to boost the body’s production of antioxidant and detoxification enzymes. Another natural phenomenon relating to the aging process is our mitochondria (the cell’s powerplant) begins working less efficiently. Less efficient mitochondria produce less energy and produce excess free radicals and other oxidants. Supporting overall mitochondrial function is important to promote overall health as we age. Protandim NRF1 was designed to both increase mitochondrial number and provide ingredients shown to support mitochondrial health. Lastly, another major significant effect of the aging process is a decline of cellular NAD levels and reduction of sirtuin activity. Sirtuin activity has been shown to play a major roll in supporting overall health. Protandim® NAD Synergizer TM was designed to support NAD levels and sirtuin activity. Thus, taking the entire Protandim family of products will help support all of these significant aspects of the aging process.*


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