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Here are TOP FAQ's on AXIO

AXIO products contain only natural flavors and colors. The AXIO flavors come from Sour Cherry, Green Grape, and Dragonfruit, while the AXIO Decaf comes from Red Raspberry.

AXIO products only contain natural colors.

AXIO products contain only the natural sweetener Stevia leaf extract.

Yes! The Axio products are designed to improve both physical and mental energy levels, while Protandim is designed to reduce cellular stress by activating the body’s protective Nrf2-pathway. Since the AXIO products contain several ingredients with known Nrf2-activating effects (Green tea extract, New Zealand pine bark extract, and Quercetin), it is recommended to consume Protandim and AXIO at least one hour apart from each other, and ideally up to two hours apart, for optimal absorption and efficacy of each product.

For example, many people prefer to take their Protandim with breakfast or another meal to optimize absorption, while the AXIO is typically used between meals to maintain physical energy, mental focus, and overall well-being. Even though the AXIO contains several ingredients with Nrf2-activating effects, these ingredients are quite different from the ingredients in Protandim (even the green tea extracts are very different between products, with different methods of extraction and different bioactive polyphenol profiles). The Protandim formula has been optimized to provide Nrf2-synergy between each of it’s five individual ingredients, while the AXIO has been optimized to provide a multi-dimensional energy boost for both body and mind.


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